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Viqarunnisa Noon School (Bengali: ভিকারুননিসা নূন স্কুল) is an all-girls school in Bailey Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh; it has about 20,000 students.Viqarunnisa Noon School is one of the renowned schools in Bangladesh. It has a glorious past.It was established in 1952 by Begum [Viqarunnisa Noon], wife of [Firoz Khan Noon], the then governor of [East Pakistan]. From that, till today, this school is keeping its image equally remarkable in the sky of Educational institutions.Students participate in art competitions, and games like, football, badminton, and handball. Every year Viqarunnisa Noon School participates in a display competition on 16 December (the national victory day). Viqarunnisa Noon School always helps its students to learn about the history of Bangladesh, it also gives a scope to the students to know about the culture and helps to adopt those in the students’ life.

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